Character List

Captain Amasa Delano The commander of a large sealer and general merchant ship, Delano, a native of Duxbury, Massachusetts, is “incapable of satire or irony” and demonstrates a trusting, altruistic nature. Fluent in Spanish, he voices racist attitudes, but displays a hearty benevolence toward a fellow captain in need. Don […]

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About Benito Cereno

The metaphysical elements of Melville’s work, particularly his emphasis on rhetorical questions and inversion, is often detrimental to clarity of diction and flow of language. For example: The whites, too, by nature, were the shrewder race. A man with some evil design, would he not be likely to speak well […]

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Story Summary

At the end of the day, Delano, planning to lend a navigator from his own crew to help the ship on its way to Conception (currently spelled “Concepcion”), descends to his boat to return to the Bachelor’s Delight. Don Benito, who has rejected Delano’s offer of coffee aboard Delano’s ship, […]

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